Supply Chain Optimizing

Increase your bottom line with an efficient supply chain.

SC Optimizing assists you to benefit from an improved short and long term performance of your supply chain.

SC Optimizing analyze your transport pattern based on the location of your warehouse and stock level, and give you suggestions to optimizing your supply chain on vital elements such as delivery just in time, shorter and faster transportation, less expenses and optimized manpower, operational instructions etc.

I have long experience and deep roots in the transport and logistics industry. Based on personal positions within the fields of transportation, recycling, pharmaceuticals and luxury goods with deliveries from suppliers and deliveries to importers, agents, retail and wholesalers as well to final end user (e-commerce).

For more information, please contact:

Stina Vejlskov Nielsen
Supply Chain Expert

Graduate Diploma in BA (Supply Chain Management)

Mobile: +45 20877820